Wishbone Publishing is one of the leading fine art publishing houses in the UK, with a comprehensive stable of award winning and best-selling artists. Established in 2013, our ethos is to continually strive to work closely with our affiliates & to be a publishing house that is equally gallery focused and client conscious.

Representing a small and select group of the most contemporary and modern UK based artists, we have been able to exploit a gap in the market that has seen us launch the careers of some of the most known artists within the country and attract the signings of some of the biggest names domestically.

Our growth in recent years has seen us gain even greater market share for our artists, where we now supply more independent galleries in the UK than any other publishing house. Although we have an excellent track record of customer service with our trade clients, we have launched this direct retail store to offer our artist's clients and collectors the opportunity to purchase some of the smaller "trinkets" and books on offer. There will be some special additions coming here soon, but please note that no artworks (limited editions, or originals) will be available to purchase through this Wishbone Store. Please visit our main website by clicking on the logo below to take you to our affiliated gallery page where you can easily find your nearest gallery partner. For any further information, please drop us a message and we will get straight back to you !

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